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Daniel Knox

Won't You Take Me With You Burgundy Vinyl


Release Date: 05/02/2021

Discs: 1

Daniel Knox has announced his fifth studio album Won't You Take Me With You will be released 15 January via his own label, H.P.
Johnson Presents.
The album follows up his critically acclaimed 2018 album Chasescene. Along with the announcement he has also shared lead single
Fool In The Heart. What follows is a list of just a few of the locations where the songs on Won’t You Take Me With You take place: 
A Chicago alleyway where he snuck into a building at night but got stuck inside.
- Late at night, well off the beaten path in Washington Park, unknowingly watched by a laughing, smoking stranger.
- A run-down mall, once resplendent and now forgotten.
- A hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee where a miracle took place.
- Driving along the highway trying to decide whether or not he wanted to crash.

1. King Of The Ball
2. Vinegar Hill
3. Fall Apart
4. Fool In The Heart
5. Girl From Carbondale
6. Look At Me
7. I Saw Someone Alone
8. Lights Out
9. No Horizon