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Daniel Knox

Daniel Knox Dusk Blue Coloured Vinyl

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Release Date: 13/12/2019

Discs: 1

Limited to 500 copies.

Daniel Knox is a songwriter, composer, filmmaker, arranger, and piano player living in Chicago.

On Daniel’s eponymous third album, some of the previous dark humour has been replaced by a weightier and welcome gravitas, a lyrical emphasis which is mirrored in a meticulous new instrumental rigor. Knox also seems to have harnessed his vocal acrobatics to serve this subtle stylistic shift. While Daniel’s work fits somewhere amidst the broader backdrop of American Popular Song, in recent years his compositions and arrangements have grown increasingly more informed by film score and opera, perhaps owing to his long-time job as projectionist at Chicago’s eighty-five year old treasure, the Music Box Theatre.

Lyrically, Knox has been known to twist a small, sharp knife from time to time. For this new LP, he seems to have found his muse in Springfield, and many of the songs feel like slowly moving cinematic shorts set in his hometown. Another turning point in Daniel’s recent musical growth occurred while in residence and collaboration with photographer John Atwood at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Centre. “Everything that came out of that, and the work that followed it, seems rooted very thematically in the past, but the structures and arrangements felt like something new that had been there all along–like finding a hidden room in the house you grew up in,” says Knox.

The house that Daniel grew up is in Springfield, Illinois; however, he eventually landed in Chicago, where he briefly attended film school and taught himself to play on the neglected grand piano in the Hilton Tower’s Grand Ballroom at night.

Daniel’s recent projects include his Watermill Centre composition, “Black & Whites,” and “14 15 111,” a two-act piece for synths, drums, cello, violin, two tubas, projection, and choir, composed for performance at the Intuit Centre for Outsider Art. Songs from both are featured on this new album. Knox has scored for film (The Poisoner, dir. Chris Hefner) and theatre (Mary-Arrchie Theatre Co's The Glass Menagerie, Annie Baker’s The Aliens at The Pushkin Theatre in Moscow, dir. Adrian Giurgea). He has performed with and shared bills with such artists as Jarvis Cocker, David Lynch, The Handsome Family, Richard Buckner, Swans, Josephine Foster, Jon Langford, Nina Nastasia, Rufus Wainwright, and Andrew Bird.

1. Blue Car
2. Don't Touch Me
3. By the Venture
4. Lawrence & MacArthur
5. Incident at White Hen
6. High Pointe Drive
7. White Oaks Mall
8. David Charmichael
9. Car Blue
10. 14 15 111